Johnsonville Sausage

Johnsonville Sausage

Sausage is the beer of food; the kind of hearty, informal dish you only share at intimate dinners or BBQs, with folks you really like. If someone feeds you sausage, you're in. So when Johnsonville asked us to develop a campaign that would encourage folks to serve sausage at any occasion, we tapped into a larger emotional truth: make Johnsonville, and what you're really making is a family.

Bratfast In Bed

Johnsonville Brats are so hearty and filling, they turn strangers into family and bring family even closer. So to kick off grilling season, we created a new Father's Day tradition to encourage families to give back to the guy who's been manning the grill every summer, waking him up with a new, meaty twist on Breakfast in Bed. It's a father's dream come true.


Bratfast In Bed Trays

We also created special trays, complete with a special cozy, condiment grooves, and a brat slot, and sent them out to influencers to build buzz.

The Brat Signal

Did you grill to many brats? Or maybe you're just lonely? The brat signal can help. Simply hit the revolutionary "Let's Sausage" button, and all your close friends on Facebook or strangers on Twitter will instantly know you're grilling brats.