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Newcastle - If We Won

Newcastle: Independence Eve

Independence Day is a big holiday for beer brands. And every year, American beer brands decorate their cans with stars, stripes and bald eagles and exploit patriotism to sell beer. Well, Newcastle thought that was bollocks. So we created our own holiday to exploit: Independence Eve, a holiday celebrating the last days of British rule over America. To get people excited for the launch, "If We Won" took a look at how great America could have been if the Brits won the Revolutionary War and still ran our country.  We kicked off with a launch film featuring Stephen Merchant, co-creator of "The Office."

Between the celebrity films, we posted a series of cheap, simple alt histories examining how great America could've been.

What would your city be called if the Brits won the war? On our hub and in social posts, a simple app let users find out the name of their city. In total we named about 600 cities, so you could totally find the answer to that burning question.

While most grasped the satire of the campaign, a few ultra-patriotic Americans were upset with us. So we prepared an apology...of sorts.

We took to the streets to talk to real folks about Independence Eve, the holiday America couldn't start talking about. 

And most importantly, we actually got a lot of Americans to buy a British beer on the 4th of July.