AT&T Cinema


With the purchase of Time Warner, DirecTV and development of its own content, AT&T is emerging as a player in the entertainment industry. To establish that, they bought :90 media placements in thousands of theaters nationwide. And to advertise their breadth of content, we created films that unexpectedly shift genres. So just as audiences were dropped into a classic western, we twisted the story into a cheerful stop motion family film. And we couldn’t have done it without our director, Dougal Wilson. (Password protected at the moment)


Below is “The Shot,” another genre-bending story directed by Steve Rogers. This time we mashed a heart-warming sports drama with science fiction.

Here is a visual breakdown of the film that shows our cinematic approach to the two genres. We used a warm, golden palette for the sports drama and an contrasting blue, cold palette for the sci-fi sequence.