How do you get customers to sign into before they book their next trip? Offer them discounts. And if that doesn't work, try death threats.

"If You Don't Go" News Stories

With tons of last-minute deals, is the perfect place to book those short, last-minute trips that you were on the fence about taking. The anniversary getaways, bachelorette weekends, and newborn baby visits. And with every one of those trips, something's on the line. Your friendship. Marriage. Even your sanity. Priceline wanted to spread that message on social media. And nothing grabs our attention like an alarming news story. So to encourage people to book more, we created over 30 bespoke fake news videos about the consequences of not taking specific trips, then used Facebook's freaky micro-targeting technology to serve them up to people with upcoming travel opportunities. And we enlisted real L.A.-area news anchor Kacey Montoya to make our stories feel even more authentic when they'd pop up in a user's news feed.