A Few One-offs

DIRECTV: NFL Sunday Ticket

The only way to get every game in every market, every Sunday is with NFL Sunday Ticket. We enlisted the pitch-imperfect voice and personality of Charlie Day to hammer our message home with a huge budget and some dumb visuals.


In 2012's tough economic times, Budweiser felt that America needed a shot of optimism, and an expensive montage. So for the Super Bowl, we created this spot to remind America that there have always been great times, and that there always will be great times. And for the past 80 years, Budweiser has been right in the center of those great times.


If you thought Newcastle Brown Ale would taste bitter or heavy just because of its unappetizing name, we don't blame you. But that doesn't mean you won't blame yourself. Newcastle wanted us to address the many misconceptions about their beer head-on. So we created a testimonial spot with a healthy dose of self-loathing.

Cracker Barrel

Just a simple cheese commercial.


In early 2015, Newcastle teamed up with The History Channel's "Vikings" to create Newcastle Vikings Ale. Why did we make a beer together? Because all our product placement suggestions fell through.


It's a shame that you can design just about anything in your life, but you have such limited choices when it comes to your phone. To help launch the Moto X, and the hundreds of design options, we captured a number of things you can customize in your life, along with the phone itself. And one unhappy cat.

For the launch of the Moto X, (a four page buy across the biggest magazines in America) Motorola wanted to proudly state their phones were "Designed by you" and "Assembled in the USA." To amplify our words, we placed the text in the same location that the iPhone features the opposite statement: "Designed by Apple in California, Made in China."